N.Y.C. World Trade Center
September 11, 2001

Daniela Liubicich-Massa

Daniela and her husband lived and still live in Battery Park City, near the site of the World Trade Center. On September 11, 2001, she was right under the towers when the first plane hit. She remembers:

"It was  just unbelievable.  My husband was already at work at # 4 WTC (in the New York Board of Trade) but thankfully only on the 9th Floor and was just crossing West Street when the second plane came in. We were in our building just three blocks away when the towers came down and then were evacuated right from the esplanade onto tug boats.  We went to NJ and walked to our friends house and then my brother came to the rescue and took us to Connecticut."

They stayed in Connecticut for eleven days and then were able to return home to Manhattan. 

The first set of photographs are those that Daniela shot s of the towers Daniela took immediately after the first plane came in (she had her digital camera with her), and the others of that morning she shot as they were being evacuated to New Jersey.

Prior to September 11,2001
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September 11, 2001
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September 23 to October 9, 2001
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Winter 2003
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